sábado, março 15, 2008


I was kicked out of my room to go to the Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith. Pfff!! Got to face the rushed londoners, crazy about the Friday evening, face this cold and rain, face the unreasonable prices of the entrance tickets, face this cold and rain (have i said this before?).

But you know what, i went, it was wonderfull, memorable!

Indeed, i suffer all those torments that i was expecting (less the expensive ticket), but i met one place with people simultaneously so rich and humble. In that centre they provide language, dance and music classes, concerts, book fairs, and literature events such as... Storytelling!!

The gatherings are allways on the second Friday of each month, and yesterday (for the St. Patrick's Day Celebrations) we had the privilege of having TWO Irish Storytellers: Clare Murphy and Diarmuid O'Drisceoil PLUS Irish Music!!

Now you are questioning if i was lost in translation(s). No way.

Suddenly in that tiny place, with the fragrance of wood and incense i've discovered that there are no borders, passports or visas for the language of the storytellers, the language of the heart.

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sofia disse...

conheceste a minha amiga Claaaaaaare!!! Falaste com ela? ela é fantástica, não é? beijiiiiiiiiiinorme sfaia

tânia disse...

Olé Sfaia!!
É verdade! Ela é linda! E adorei aquelas estórias em que ela canta em gaélico, parece uma verdadeira fada! Não sabia que era tua amiga!!
Beijinhossss mui mui grandes! Bons Contos, boas tertúlias!